Welcome to Kristensen Vaulting Supply

At Kristensen Vaulting Supply you will experience high-quality equipment, competent guidance, and individual fitting and customization for every product. 

We want you and your horse to be happy and satisfied with your purchase—that’s why a proper fit is so important! We are here to help you find exactly the right vaulting equipment for your horse and vaulters.


We have years of experience tailoring and adjusting our equipment to fit horses of all shapes and sizes. If you are considiering investing in a new surcingle for your horse, send us photos of your horse so we can help you select and adjust the surcingle perfectly for your horse’s form and build.


Do you have questions? You can always reach us at info@kristensenvaultingsupply.com or under "Get In Touch". Also, do not forget to follow us on Facebook at "Kristensen Vaulting Supply" where we will update you on the latest news in vaulting equipment!