Lasse Kristensen

Lasse Kristensen is the founder of Kristensen Vaulting Supply. Through his work as a lunger, Lasse experienced a frustrating lack of lunging equipment that put the horse’s needs first and was at the same time great for his high-performance vaulters. He needed equipment that he could easily and quickly adjust as his horses warmed up, or as his vaulters required different canters for their routines.

Think about it. The canter required for a four-minute team freestyle versus an one-minute individual compulsory round can and should be quite different. Shouldn’t it be easy to adjust side rein height and length to make that happen?

Earlier on, vaulting surcingles were developed to benefit the vaulter, often at the expense of the horse. For example, big and wide handles allowed vaulters to do increasingly cooler freestyles, but they also put undo stress on the horse’s shoulders and back due to their wide center of gravity. With his horses and vaulters in mind, Lasse developed a surcingle with handles as wide as possible to benefit the vaulter but still with the comfort of the horse as the first priority. In all Kristensen surcingles, the center of gravity stays over the horse so the surcingle doesn’t tip or put unnecessary strain on the horse.

Lasse’s design has since then helped several vaulting squads, pas de deux and individuals win World Championship medals and National titles. His design is celebrated throughout the vaulting world from both vaulters and lungers who wish to increase the performance of the horse by meeting its needs.