Lungelines & Whips

Kristensen Vaulting Supply recommends the lunging whip presented below. The whip is used by Lasse Kristensen when he lunges. The whip comes with either a leather lash or a rubber lash - read more about each one in the description.

Kristensen Vaulting Supply recommends our special weaved lungeline when lunging for vaulting. This lungeline is weaved in a way that makes sure it does not twist during use, unlike regular weaved lungelines. A twisted lungeline gives the lunger a poor connection to the horse. Furthemore, a twisted lungeline results in deductions in scores at competitions. 

When choosing a lungeline, consider how much pressure your horse puts in the bit. If you have a horse that is sensitive, it is recommended to use a lungeline with a leather strap.


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Special weawed vaulting lungeline

Only available in black. Available with both snap hook or leather strap. 

Price w/ snap hook: € 72,-. Item number 2523. 

Price w/ leather strap: € 84,-. Item number: 25231


Lunge whip

We sell both Fleck whips, a lightweight whip, and Döbert whips, a slightly heavier model. We recommend the Fleck whip, since it is easier to handle.

The whips have a practical rubber grib. They come without lash - please choose lash in the section to the right on this page. Do not forget to inform us which type and length of lash you would like, when placing your order. 

Price for Fleck whip without lash: € 110,-. Item number: 25131

Price for Döbert whip without lash: € 84,50,-. Item number: 25132


We recommend a rubber lash instead of a leather lash, since the rubber lash is cheaper, it lasts longer and it does not change according to the environment. If you wish to purchase a leather lash instead, please reach out to us. The rubber lash comes in both black and white. Please let us know your prefered colour when you place the order.


4.5 meter rubber lash: Price: 21,50,- €. Item number: 25140

5.0 meter rubber lash: Price: 22,50,- €. Item number: 2514

5.5 meter rubber lash: Price: 23,50,- €. Item number: 25141

6.0 meter rubber lash: Price: 24,50,- €. Item number: 25142

Are you having doubts about in which length you should purchase the lash? The 5.5 meter lash is a good standard size for most, but to avoid having too long a lash (and risking stepping on the lash), are can always cut off a piece of the lash. The list below presents a good rule of thumb of how long your lash should be. 

160 cm. tall lunger = 5,20 meter lash. 

170 cm. tall lunger = 5,30 meter lash 

180 cm. tall lunger = 5,40 meter lash 


Order at! Please remember to inform us of the item number and possibly the size of your desired product.