Kristensen Vaulting Supply carries two types of sidereins. 


Belt Buckle Sidereins: The original sidereins.

Kristensen Quick Fix Sidereins: Easier and quicker to adjust, the Kristensen Quick Fix sidereins can be shortened or lengthened simply by pulling out on the button and releasing the button on the desired length. 

With or without rubber rings? For both sidereins, you have the option to choose whether your sidereins should have rubber rings or not. Rubber rings are often used for horses that have sensitive mouths because the rubber ring gives the siderein more flexibility. Rubber rings should not be used for horses that are hard in their mouths. 


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Quick-fix sidereins without rubber rings

Price: € 134,-

Item number: 25204

Size: One-size


Quick-fix sidereins with rubber rings

Price: € 172,-

Item number: 25205

Size: One-size


Buckle Belt sidereins without rubber rings

Price: € 99,- 

Item number: 25201

Size: Pony / Horse 



Buckle Belt sidereins with rubber rings

Price: € 151,50,-

Item number: 2520

Size: Pony / Horse 

Draw Reins

Price: € 60,-

Item number: 6001

Size: One-size

These draw reins are often used to warm up the horse or to train new vaulting horses. The draw reins have a leather strap on each end to adjust the length. Between the leather straps, a cord helps the horse move freely duting warm-up. 

Order at! Please remember to inform us of the item number and possibly the size of your desired product. Please also remember to inform us, whether your surcingle has a Quick-fix system or and original siderein system.