On this page, you can read more about our newest model; the Kristensen Elite Surcingle. Created to meet every need, your horse might have. 

At the bottom of this page, you will find our guide to the choices you will be asked to make when ordering a new surcingle. 

When you would like to order your new surcingle, please contact us at Do not forget to inform us about the choices you have made in the different categories (please see bottom of this page). If you have any doubts about what might fit you and your horse, we are always happy to offer you a piece of advice. We will also ask you to send us pictures of your horse, so we can make a surcingle that fits your horse's built and needs perfectly. 

See Terms and Conditions of Sale under "Get in Touch". 


The Kristensen Elite Surcingle

The optimum choice for both vaulter and horse, at all levels.

This is the newest model and a favorite among vaulters and lungers who wish to prioritize the needs and comfort of the horse without compromising on vaulter versatility.

Designed to conform to the build of your horse, this surcingle offers the best possible fit. Made from fitted steel beams, it fits your horse’s back and spine without being overly ridged between the handles. (Surcingles which are overly rigid tend to bruise vaulters’ stomachs during swing exercises.)

With this new-developed surcingle you can meet everyone’s needs.

Price (leather): € 1.715,- 

Price (lacquer): € 1.820,-

Item number: 26004 (LD-handles) / 26002 (LV-handles)

Barrel Surcingle 

Vaulting surcingle for the barrel. Available with your desired handles. System for fixing the surcingle on the barrel included. 

Price: € 662,- 

Item number: 2812 (LD handles) / 2811 (LV handles) 

Take good care of your new surcingle with a surcingle cover!

Use a surcingle cover to keep your surcingle protected from dust and dirt by using it in between practices and when travelling to competition. The cover is available in black.

Item number: 3300

Price: € 39,50,-

Things to Consider When Investing In a New Surcingle

When you have decided which surcingle above that fits your needs and budget, there are a range of different choices that you should consider when placing your order. All the choices are included in the price of the surcingle; only sidereins and girth are to be bought separately.


1. Choose handles. You can choose between the original L-handles, the LV-handles or the LD-handles. (Note: The Beginner’s choice surcingle only comes with round handles).


2. Fit the cushions. The surcingle has to fit your horse and whether it does or not depends largely on the surcingle’s cushions. The handles should always be horizontal when the surcingle is on the horse and the cushions help adjust this. We recommend that you order your surcingle with Velcro cushions, because this gives you the opportunity to change the fitting of the surcingle if needed. Furthermore, all of our surcingles are developed with spring steel beams. The spring steel beam can be fitted to the build of the horse when the surcingle is made. We recommend that you send us pictures of your horse from behind and from the side. Then we will help you have your surcingle made so that it has the optimum fit for your horse.

The fitting of the cushions and the spring steel beams are included in the price of your surcingle.  


3. Choose a girth system. Do you wish to have the power girth or the original girth? The actual girth must be bought separately (see the ”Girths” tab in the menu bar) but you have to decide whether your surcingle needs to have the set-up for the power girth system or the original girth system.


4. Choose a side reins system. You also have to consider whether you wish to use the Kristensen Quick fix system, where you slide the sidereins up and down by pulling a button, or whether you wish to use the original ring system where you move the sidereins up and down by moving the siderein from ring to ring. Side reins are to be bought separately. (See the ”Side Reins” tab in the menu bar).


5. Choose a color and material. Finally, you have to decide whether you want your surcingle to be in varnish or leather. Varnish gives a nice, shiny surface on the surcingle, but it cannot be easily repaired if it starts to look worn. Leather, on the other hand, does not give the same shiny surface can always be polished and tends to last longer. Furthermore, you need to decide your surcingle’s color. The varnish surface is only available in black. The leather surface is available in black, white, light brown or dark brown.